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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 14, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, shocking new images of that deadly midair collision over the hudson river as the air traffic controller is suspended for being on the phone right before the crash. a dramatic standoff ends overnight with a man who was making threats against the white house. are new threats over health care part of a troubling trend? california ablaze. thousands evacuated as raging wildfires burn out of control. kelly clarkson says she has no problem with her weight. so why is she suddenly thinner on a magazine cover than she is in real life? what's behind these photo fixes? ♪ smile it's a kiss >> and kenny chesney rocks central park as our summer
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>> and kenny chesney rocks central park as our summer concert series goes country. captions paid for by abc, inc. kenny is one of our favorites. looking forward to having him. good morning, everyone, alongside "gma weekend" co-anchor good to have bill weir with us. i'm robin roberts on this friday, august 14th. diane wrapping up some vacation time. >> great to see you. breaking news point plane crash last week over the hudson, the faa says two employees, a supervisor and an air traffic controller have been suspended over that collision because reports say that the controller was actually on the phone with his girlfriend when the small plane and helicopter collided killing nine people. >> there's new dramatic video of that collision taken by a tourist on a boat on the hudson. these are some images from that video. the faa will be poring over frame looking for clues as to what went wrong. our john berman has been following the story closely. he joins us along the hudson
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river with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, you can see the wreckage of the helicopter here underneath the blue tarp behind me. faa investigators say they discovered the conversations when listening to recordings from a nearby air traffic control tower. when they found them the controller and the supervisor were suspended immediately. the air traffic controller at teterboro airport was engaged in what the faa calls an inappropriate conversation at the time of the crash. media reports say he was on the phone with his girlfriend. he had cleared the single engine piper for takeoff before making the call and was still on the phone when he handed off control to nearby newark airport which monitors low-flying traffic on the hudson. he was still on the phone when the accident occurred. investigators also discovered that the supervisor was not in the building at the time of the crash. neither the controller nor the supervisor were identified. air traffic controllers are expected to be alert at all times and are given frequent
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breaks, at least 50 minutes every two hours but controllers say they should not be made the scapegoats for this accident. >> the faa to sit there and allude or make accusations that the controller had anything to do with this accident is absolutely absurd and, you know, it's very ink sulting. >> reporter: thus far the federal aviation administration said in a statement that thus far there is no reason to believe that the employees' actions actually contributed to the accident, however, they called those actions "unacceptable." robin? >> all right, john, thank you. for more on the investigation our aviation consultant john nance joins us by phone. john, i know you have seen this new video and we want to show images from it, particularly this one which was just a second or so before the plane and helicopter collided. right before impact. what will investigators be looking for when they see this. >> actually what they're looking for is right in front of them, that is blind spots.
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we've got two pilots who simply couldn't see each other and as you see actually at the last second we appear to have the piper banking to the right. it is the right wing that gets sliced off by the helicopter. that indicates neither had any idea the other was there. nothing to do with an air traffic controller by the way. >> that report this morning, john, about the air traffic controller being suspended for being on the phone, you say that has nothing to do with this. >> this aircraft had been handed off. the pilot of the piper was already handed off, had not made the frequency change and it's disturbing. the faa has the right and responsibility to discipline their people if they violate the rules but it has a smell to it, if you will, to happen so close to the accident. it is as if they were trying to find somebody to blame. that that violates a major maxim, who is wrong but what went wrong. >> i know you have been strong about that. let's go back to the images because going to be so
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incredibly helpful to investigators. i know that you've talked about the blind spots, but this has to be incredibly helpful in their investigation because everybody wants to get to the bottom of it so it does not happen again. >> absolutely, and it's very, very seldom in aviational safety we have such a graphic representation clear on the screen what happened. the problem, the concept which we use, is really bankrupt and certainly in this area and we simply have to come up with methodologies that get around that and maybe get a restricting helicopter to one altitude and fixed wing to the other is the easiest, quickest -- something needs to be done other than just say, boy, be care fowl out there, now here? >> you're always helpful and right to the point. appreciate it very much. john nance. >> thank you, robin. to the contend shougs debate over president obama's health care agenda. it is ramping up concerns over his personal safety as he heads into another town hall meeting today. we have two reports this morning. we'll get to senior white house
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correspondent jake tapper in a moment but we begin with chief investigative correspondent brian ross. brian, good morning. >> reporter: it's been a very ugly week as the rhetoric about the president and threats against him have deeply worried the people who track this country's hate groups. outside the towering federal building in los angeles thursday, police surrounded the man driving this red volkswagen who was suspected of making threats against the president. hours later, they used tear gas and a taser to remove the man who they say has mental problems but it was another case in what some see as a very disturbing pattern. >> i don't think that these are simply people who are mentally ill or, you know, kind of off their rockers. i think that you know in a very real sense they represent a genuine reaction, a genuine backlash against obama. >> reporter: the contentious debate over health care has helped to bring the vitriol into the open. rush limbaugh compared a logo for the plan to a nazi symbol.
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>> the obama health care logo is damn close to a nazi swastika logo. >> reporter: and the internet is full of references to the president as hitler or as a racist. >> this guy is i believe a racist. >> reporter: to date the secret service has disrupted at least three different assassination plots tied to white supremacist groups so there is serious concern this week in new hampshire when a man stood across the street from a presidential town hall meeting with his gun on full and legal display. >> it's clearly nerve-racking when he's out in the open. i think they really do fear that something could happen to him. >> reporter: and in a new report, southern poverty law center says that since obama took office, there has been a sharp growth in the so-called militia groups, the kind that helped spawn a wave of domestic terrorism in the 1990s. ♪ >> reporter: now they use youtube, rock music and the
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internet to recruit new members and spread their words of hate and fear including this one from the supposed leader of the ohio militia. >> america, it's your wake-up call. >> i think that the president has in effect triggered fears among a fairly large number of white people in this country that they are somehow losing their country. >> reporter: officials tell my colleague pierre thomas at abc news that the president's daily threat matrix has yet to reflect a sharp increase in threats. but white house officials privately admit deep concern and have told the secret service to keep security tight even if the president himself objects. bill and robin? >> all right, brian. so i bet there's going to be tight security and some very tough questions when president obama heads to montana later today holding the second of three town halls this week to sell and defend his health care reform plan. the president getting support from former president bill clinton, who came to his defense
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on thursday saying republicans are promoting fear in the health care fight. senior white house correspondent jake tapper has more for us this morning. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, that's right. this montana town hall meeting could prove to be a tougher crowd than the friendly audience that the president faced in new hampshire. for one, montana is a red state that senator john mccain won last fall and, two, the ticks were first come first serve so the president may be feeling the heat just as members of congress have been. >> the most danger to the most people is sticking with the status quo. it is bankrupting america, making families insecure and undermining the future of the country. >> reporter: no stranger to a health care debate former president bill clinton stepped into battle last night blaming republicans for the frenzied town hall sweeping the nation. >> and they know they have no chance to beat health care this time unless they can mortify with riggered fear some moderate and conservative democrats.
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why do they know that? because they don't have the filibuster this team. >> all: just say no. >> reporter: but while members of congress are facing heat back home, back in washington, special interests are dispensing with cool cash. and lining up lobbyists for the september fight. a bloomberg investigation out this morning indicates more than 1,600 organizations have hired more than 3,300 lobbyists reg sk skersterred to lobby on health care reform. six for every sitting member of congress. >> socialist fascist pig. >> reporter: those lobbyists won't hold tempers any time soon. senator arlen specter again faced it across pennsylvania. >> please explain to me, sir, how you can morally and ethically support nationalized health care. >> i'd rather have the current plans that people want employer-based insurance
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maintain maintained. i do not support nationalized health insurance. >> the democratic party is having a really bad august. when you have members that can't go to a town hall meeting because they're afraid to meet their own constituents you really have a party that's in a shambles. >> reporter: we'll see later not today whether president obama faces similar crowds in montana. bill? >> all right. i'll take it here, jake. we know you'll be talking to arlen specter this sunday when you fill in as host for george on "this week." so we'll see you on sunday, jake, thanks so much. weekend anchor kate snow is in for chris with the news and wildfires continuing to burn in california. >> good morning, robin, bill, good morning, everyone. hundreds of firefighters are joining the battle this morning to control a raging wildfire that robin mentioned south of san francisco. more than 2,000 people have fled their homes around bonny doon. 3,000 acres have burned. a possible breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer. researchers have found a way to identify drugs that can kill cancer stem cells in mice without harming other cells.
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in doing so, they've identified a chemical compound they say is 100 times more effective than a chemotherapy agent. human trials, though, are still years away. the obama administration is changing the rules of cash for clunkers now. it is now allowing you to order a car even if it's out of stock and still qualify for that rebate. you still have to turn in your old clunker when you order the new car. finally, for all of you who brag that you only need six hours of sleep every night, well, you may be right. scientists identified a genetic mutation that allows some people to function on less sleep. but there's a catch. they think that only about 3% of us have that genetic mutation. so most likely -- >> i need much more than six hours but we never get it. >> ladies and gentlemen, work on this show. they've trained themselves to sleep standing up like cows if you can see them. >> this is true. time for the weather in for sam champion. oh, don't you love it when bill
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is around? meteorologist paul deanna is here from komo. good morning, paul. >> could be one of the best weekends all summer long but right now into the weekend we are looking at the tropics. the tropics very active. tropical depression number two we'll take a look at and also we're taking a look at a tropical wave behind that that may be stronger and has a better chance of being our first named storm of the season, tropical storm anna and may be heading toward the united states over the next eight to ten days. severe storms out west as we have temperatures in the 60s in seattle but into the 90s for places like minneapolis and more flooding rainfall for coastal carolinas and some heavy rainfall this weekend coming up for central and southern florida.
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and that is your forecast.
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back to bill. >> all right, paul. we turn now to the latest on efforts to rein in executive pay. seven big companies that received those big bailouts from the company have submitted plans for paying their top 25 earners but can a company lure the best talent if there are government limits on how much they'll make? david wright is in washington with details. david? >> reporter: good morning, bill. you know, the administration has been embarrassed one too many times by big bonuses lavished on companies on the dole so the treasury here is trying to rein them in. this is the first real test for president obama's pay czar. seven companies now household names, not just for their products but because they're on government life support. all of them have until midnight tonight to tell the treasury's pay czar, kenneth feinberg, how much they plan to compensate their 25 top executives. >> he's going to have unilateral authority to change the xentation for these people working for private companies.
7:16 am
>> reporter: $352 billion, that's how much the taxpayers invested to bail these companies out. the question is, how much leverage does that buy? we're about to find out. >> a good portion of this is political theater and it's a way of demonstrating to the nation that the government leadership understands their frustration. >> reporter: citigroup received a $45 billion bailout. the government now owns one-third of the bank. but citibank trader andrew hall is still in line for a bonus of up to $100 million because he signed his contract before the february 11th deadline allowed under the law, so he'll probably be able to keep up the mortgage payments on the thousand-year-old castle he owns in germany. the ceo of citigroup promised to pay himself a salary of $1 this year. presumably he has savings. last year his total compensation
7:17 am
amounted to well over 38 million. feinberg has 60 days to review the compensation packages and propose adjustments. >> if the czar agrees to pay levels as they now stand they'll be public outrage. if the czar cuts pay and performance slips at those institutions, they'll blame the czar for poor results and investors will lose. >> reporter: the feinberg, a well-connected washington lawyer is doing this work for free, it's a thankless task but he has some experience in that department. prior to this, he was in charge of the fund that paid out the victims of 9/11 and some of the families accused him of putting a price on human life. bill? >> okay, david wright for perspective. let's bring in "gma" financial contributor president of arial capital management mellody hobson from chicago. hi, mellody. good to see you. pros and cons as you see it on this whole program. >> okay, the pros of having pay czar overall, obviously for the american taxpayer that has bailed out these companies
7:18 am
there's someone watching over their money and making sure that poor performers don't get a windfall. the cons are pretty obvious as well, because inside of companies, the superstars always have options. they can go somewhere else. and if there's a sense that there's a limit on their financial success, they will do that which ultimately then hurts the american taxpayer because it could weaken the companies. >> isn't the idea behind this sort of reform, though, to get us away from a system especially in these financial companies that puts a huge incentive on risky short-term bets, these huge bonuses that insent advise gambling with other people's money. is there a way to do it with stock that they couldn't sell for years -- how would you do this? >> i am a big fan of stock because i think that aligns the executives' interests with those of the shareholders, a perfect example is the ceo of citigroup. last year, yes, there was a $38 million stock grant to him. but that stock is worth $4
7:19 am
million now. so he didn't get a windfall because the company didn't do well. so now he has every incentive to claw that money back, to get that stock up so that he can get paid. that's the way it should work. >> right. well, mellody hobson, we appreciate it. a double-edged sword for this administration yet again. good to hear from you again this morning. thanks again. then, you know, if they try to take back that $100 million bonus, this guy has a breach of contract lawsuit. a thicket. >> but so many people out of work, as you know, taxpayer money helping some of these companies and they're going like -- they want some responsibility there. coming up on "gma" we'll hear from controversial quarterback michael vick. yes, he is out of prison. he is now headed back to the field. back to the nfl. we're going to talk to mike and mike of espn radio to get their take on this and more. and another celebrity photo shop flap. why star kelly clarkson looks a
7:20 am
lot different on this magazine cover than she does in concert. she was recently here on "gma." she's very comfortable with the way she looks. and speak of being here for the concert we have kenny chesney coming up. >> that's right. no air brushing needed for the good old boy from the island. he is here. this guy has sold more than tickets in north america than anybody else in recent years, but he's doing it for free for us this morning. >> now, in other words, kenny is the man. >> he's the man. >> local news and weather.
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♪ the art of getting dirty. the art of getting clean. new powerfully formulated wisk®... is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. 7:24. we've got hazy sun in baltimore. we've had fog and kim will talk about delays issued in this morning. 66 in easton. back of the 75 in ocean city. here's the deal. we had ourselves a frontal
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boundary. it came through and stuck in the delmarva and back across the east coast. we've added more moisture into the air. a little bit of fog will burn off. that will be the area that will be developing in the afternoon storms. because of the moisture, we cannot rule out the chance of a scattered thunderstorm. partly sunny skies so even though you are in full sun in some spots, the clouds return. tonight, we're back down to 65 with patchy fog. we warm to 86 tomorrow. 88 on sunday. kim? >> justin, those fog warnings are still in effect on 95 in hartford county. looking here pe beltway, we're running smooth here at liberty road all the way down to the route 70 interchange. however, the outer loop does slow between camp meade road and 295 because the disabled construction equipment that's blocking the lanes that has
7:26 am
traffic jammed from wilkins avenue. also, it has 95 southbound and northbound running slowly. as we check on the jfx, traffic is running smoothly without any problems. jamie has the morning news update next.
7:27 am
all right. hometown star michael phelps wases in a car accident and we want to know everything. around 9:00, our hometown hero was driving a late model cadillac escalade when it collided with a honda accord. phelps and two passengers were in the suv. nobody was hurt, but the female driver of the honda was shaken up and had to go to the hospital. police will tell us and reiterate this again and again, alcohol was in the a factor in this crash. we have a murder investigation underway today to learn who bond a local business owner with zip ties and as a result later died.
7:28 am
constantine dino frank died after being taken off of life support on tuesday. he was found face down and bound july 29th inside precision vending in the 1,000 block of south lakewood avenue in canton. police say he got one hand free but may have suffered a stroke during the struggle. >> the investigation revealed money was taken from a private safe of his located in an office. right now, we have no suspects, no people of interest. we are get going intelligence from the family and employees. >> frank also owned pool halls and shopping centers in baltimore county. tonight, a vigil will be held outside a home of a activist shot in her home earlier this week. miss shirley was watching tv in her house when she was hit by a stray bullet. you can expect to see and hear miss shirl i had speaking against the violence that came right inside her home earlier this week. here's what we have coming
7:29 am
up on "good morning, maryland" at 9:00, at annapolis market house is trying to make yet another comeback. why some say this time it will sub seed. easy cooking in our kitchen. it is the only cooking series where we show you the basics. today, how to make ice cream. it's friday, baby. let es enjoy it. we'll see you then. thanks for choosing abc 2 news. go online for more news now at abc 2 works for you.
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♪ on the dashboard >> as far as the eye can see, people who love kenny chesney showing up. what a cutie right there. all waiting for the country music superstar to take the stage there in central park. it won't be long now. bill and i will be heading out there shortly ourselves. what a great way, yes, summertime. one of his great hits. think we can get him to sing that? >> i hope so. just the sim ber of his voice takes me on a fishing boat in the florida keys. that's the visceral response. >> no shoes, no shirt, no problem. no problem having bill weir here getting a jump-start on his weekend. good to have bill here. diane wrapping up a little vacation time. >> good morning to all of you. great to be here. take a look at these pictures of kelly clarkson. yeah, on the left. that's kelly in real life.
7:31 am
and then on the right that's a new magazine cover which is obviously been air-brushed and why? why do they do this and what's the impact on the sort of body images of young girls around this country? we take a look. >> because kelly has always been comfortable. she does not have a problem absolutely. >> and her fans love her for who she is. why do they need to do that. >> we'll delve into that. a second chance on the field for quarterback michael vick. the former nfl star who was released from prison in may after serving nearly 18 months for dogfighting. he'll be suiting up with the philadelphia eagles this season. vick spoke with cbs sports' james brown in an interview to air on "60 minutes" about the dogfighting operation he ran and his new lease on life. >> and the operation, michael, that you pleaded guilty to bank rolling, to being a part of engaged in bash barrous treatment of the animals, beating them, shooting them, electrocuting them, drowning
7:32 am
them. horrific things, michael. what about the dogs? what about the dogs? >> it was wrong, j.b. and, you know, i feel, you know i feel, you know, tremendous hurt behind what happened. and, you know, i should have took the initiative to stop it all, you know, and i didn't. i didn't step up. i wasn't the leader. >> so for the cynics who will say, you know what, i don't know, michael vick might be more concerned about the fact that his career was hurt than dogs were hurt. >> i don't -- i mean, football don't even matter. >> well, moments ago i spoke with espn radio's mike golic and mike greenberg host of "mike and mike" in the morning about his return to the field for the nfl. guy, thanks again for joining us. your initial reaction with the signing of michael vick. greenie? >> i'm not the least bit surprised he's back but where it
7:33 am
is he's going although in retrospect things always look so much better when you can look back on them instead of looking forward on them. it is a very stable organization, a quarterback who is very secure where he is and they have a suddenly much more explosive-looking offense with a coach who i think might be inclined because he's been through a lot of treblations in his personal life to take a chance on a guy and give him a second chance. >> golic? >> i figured he was coming back but as it took a while for him to sign as camp got started i actually thought and greenie and i thought the ufl is where he might end up because he could play pure quarterback but then you heard teams say, no, maybe we're circling back and saying we'll think about it. eagles being one of those teams. he fits in the nfl. we to that but as a former defensive player let me tell you he will drive defenses nuts when he has the ball in his hands. >> coach andy reid, his two sons were in 2007 jailed for drug-related charges and he said because of that he watched the
7:34 am
vick situation closely and he has seen how his family has changed and he believes in a second chance. donovan mcnabb the quarterback said the same thing. this is about a second chance so it's more than football here. >> well, if this is only about football then there would have been 32 teams interested in bringing michael vick in. he is a dynamic talent who can clearly help a football team win. >> he seems to be on board with the humane society. they seem to be kind of getting along now. i don't know what peta will do. probably some backlash but i don't think nearly what anybody thinks. he now has an unbelievable second chance. if he were to screw up off the field, now that he got this chance, he would become the dumbest athlete ever. he really would. that's putting it as plain and simple as i can. i would expect him to fly right, pardon the pun being with the eagles, i would expect him to fly right off the field. if he doesn't he would deserve everything he got which means he would be done playing football. >> the well-respected tony dungy
7:35 am
has been in his corner counseling him and that has helped him a great deal. donte stallworth, dui manslaughter, suspended for the year by the nfl. is there a problem in the league? >> he has put his foot down, roger goodell has on off-the-field problems and even the union and players have been behind that and like that he's doing that because a lot of the other players don't want a couple of bad apples or bad situations to make it look like every nfl player is bad so goodell has put his foot down well. this was kind of expected from the stallworth camp to be out a year. they thought that would be the harshest. >> mike and mike as always, appreciate your time. i know you got to take some daals about all this. have a great weekend, you two. >> thanks, robin. >> you too. >> they're going to take calls. we'd love to hear from you. go to out shout-out board at now, 7:35. robin, we want to turn to disturbing news about girls and body image. experts say 65% of 11-year-old
7:36 am
girls think they're fat. 11-year-olds. it's appalling but understandable i guess given the air-brushed photos that cover newsstands and billboards. singer kelly clarkson is the latest to provide a reality check and juju chang was looking into it. good morning. >> good morning, bill. well, with more than 270 magazines going out of business in north america in the first half of this year alone, publishing executives say they have to do what it takes to make the covers alluring. but how much is too much when it comes to the age-old art of air-brushing to perfection? posing for cameras is a routine part of celebrity life. >> what's up, y'all. i'm kelly clarkson. >> reporter: but this self-cover sheet is swirling with the buzz that they retouched it to make her look slimmer. >> i added height because i wanted the impact of that cover. you want a colorful cover. that will stop people and kick it up. yes, we retouch in ways, but we
7:37 am
don't publish an act of fiction. >> reporter: retouching is fairly standard in the magazine world but critics say it sets up unrealistic standards of beauty. >> it creates the belief in people that they need to somehow change who they are in order to be attractive enough or beautiful enough to live their life fully. >> reporter: and this is not the first time. in march clarkson talked to "gma" about how her album cover was photo-shopped. >> people come up to me. you're so beautiful. >> everyone is like photo shopped and i don't want people to think they have to live up to that because this looks good. >> reporter: no celeb is above it. men's fitness gave andy roddick bulging biceps. kate winslet publicly complained after "gq" slimmed her thighs. even giselle bundchen's ads e t edited out her baby bump to respect her privacy, they said. i brought images to me.
7:38 am
>> you don't realize you can change everything. >> that's unbelievable. >> here i am post-pregnancy. within seconds my baby weight is gone. as for "self" they say it's not about weight but being healthy. >> things are not mutually exclusive. you can love her body and retouch a picture. those can exist all in the same exact thought. >> you should know we reached out to kelly clarkson but she had no comment about this cover. her record label, sony, however, says they love the cover and "slf's" editor say they love her for her beauty from the inside out. that doesn't change because they photo-shopped the cover. believers, they say the readers are. >> maybe they can have nutritional labels. 65% of this is kelly clarkson. >> truth in advertising. >> so fascinating. juju, thanks. >> not at all. time for the weather. in for sam champion, meteorologist paul deanna from our station in seattle komo.
7:39 am
hey, paul. >> good morning to you. a lot of excitement. kenny is practicing. concert coming up at 8:30. are you guys ready for a concert? better yet, better yet, are you guys ready for some nice weekend weather in new york? it has been a miserable summer. so many weekends washed out to wet, too humid. guess what, this weekend not the case. 83 degrees today. setting the stage for an awesome saturday and sunday. not so nice up toward montana as we have some thunderstorms there but sunshine for san francisco. a high today in the mid >> and this forecast brought to you by all. back to bill >> okay, paul. coming up next a tornado rips through a tiny town and sam champion has their story of
7:40 am
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more than a thousand tornadoes hit the u.s. every year. the hardest hit, tornado alley, a path that hits through the center of the country. usually we see the aftermath of these disasters but in an extraordinary special for "20/20," blown away, twist of terror, our own sam champion shows us a twister through the eyes and cameras of people who lived through it. citizen storm chaser trying to stay alive but, of course, they want to capture the image. >> and people just in town. it's remarkable how we were able to fake all these pictures together. once impossible to imagine what it was like being inside a tornado but now most of us are armed with video cameras of some sort whether it's home movie cameras or in our cell phones or even cars with dash cams like police cars and we're now able
7:44 am
to see more things than ever. like close-up what it's like to be inside a tornado. can you imagine what it's like to be trapped in that storm? before not unless you had been in one. now, you can see it as we saw it. parkersburg, iowa, population, 1,900. it's a small farming community in america's heartland. but one may afternoon a massive tornado of historic dimensions changed the lives of everyone in its path. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: it's called an ef-5 tornado, the strongest and most dangerous type of tornado on the planet. >> oh, my god. >> i saw the rolling blackmonster of death. >> reporter: and this tornado that is headed towards parkersburg is over one-half-mile wide. the only thing that people in parkersburg can do is find somewhere to hide.
7:45 am
at the pizza ranch, tiane lester has just finished her morning shift as manager. >> my husband called me to say, hey, there is a tornado warning for butler county. >> reporter: jesse is running the place when he hears the sirens blare. >> i knew it was heading right for town. >> reporter: he calls his manager, tiane at home. >> you got to go now. you have to move. >> i was telling everybody to get down, it's here and that's just all i remember saying. >> reporter: tiane can hear the young man including her son damion struggle to cram everyone into that tiny rest room. >> he says, here it comes. here it comes, get down, get down and then i heard them all scream then the phone died. >> what did you do then? >> i let out a blood curdling scream. fell on my knees. all i could say is my baby is in there.
7:46 am
>> these are real lives, this is a real terrifying situation from one of the most powerful tornadoes in history, one of the biggest tornados in history and there are so many other stories from families just like this, robin, who were all caught desperately trying to find each other. they were caught on a holiday weekend. we've never been able to see what it's like to go through this step by step unless you were someone who lived through a tornado. >> what a unique perspective. alsos it's very important to bring attention back to them because after a tornado or a hurricane, there's a lot of attention and resources and people just forget and it takes quite a bit of time to get back. >> it's interesting that you say that because this is a town that i think when you see the entire story, you're going to walk away with an amazing feeling of the closeness of these people and also just their inner personal strength and how they came through that storm and what they did with their town afterwards. they're just great personal stories combined with amazing pictures in a way we've just
7:47 am
never been able to do it before. >> thanks for giving us a sneak peek, sam. we appreciate it. see sam's special report "blown away, twisted terror" tonight on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be right back. now you can get unbeatable prices on the latest name-brand cell phones where you already save. well, actually, just a few rows over in walmart's expanded electronics department. your new, fully activated at&t, t-mobile or verizon wireless phone is a lot closer than you think. save money. live better. walmart. to lower your bad cholesterol but your good cholesterol and triglycerides are still out of line? then you may not be seeing the whole picture. ask your doctor about trilipix. if you're at high risk of heart disease and taking a statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides
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7:50 am
come individually wrapped and they're perfectly sized to cook quickly and evenly in only 10 minutes. (announcer) perdue perfect portions. remember damon weaver, the 11-year-old reporter for his elementary school we met back on inauguration night whispering to diane on inauguration night he was determined to interview the president and what questions he was going to ask?
7:51 am
well, seven months later damon weaver finally got his interview with president obama and he was ready with a top concern for grade schoolers. >> do you have the power to make school lunches better? >> well, you know, i remember when i used to get school lunches sometimes they didn't taste so good. i got to admit. we are actually seeing if we can work to at least make school lunches healthier. >> i suggest that we have french fries and mangoes every day for lunch. >> see, that -- you know, and if you were planning the lunch program, it would probably taste good to you but it might not make you big and strong like you want to be. we want to make sure it tastes good but also healthy for you too. >> everybody knows that you love basketball. i think it would be cool to have a president that can dunk. can you dunk? >> not anymore. i used to when i was young, but i'm almost 50 now, so, you know, your legs are the first thing to go. >> damon got a little news out of the president too. he announced he would make a
7:52 am
back-to-school address to students across the country september 8th, the day after labor day and called the interview a dream come true and asked if the president would be his homeboy. he said, yes. if you want to see the whole thing click on when we come back, kenny chesney, central park. these days, wouldn't it be great if saving money happened as automatically as everything else? at bank of america, it practically does. use the bankamericard power rewards visa credit card and earn rewards like cash back with every purchase. cash you can put into savings. or even use to help pay down your credit card balance. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier.
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good morning. it's 7:56. we've had ourselves some spots with sunshine. we've had low clouds and fog in portions right around the bay and up towards hartford county. looks like we're trying to burn that out, break it and 73 feels like 77. it's a sticky start to the day. virtually clear back to the west of town. we have clouds filling in and low fog back towards the pa line and lower eastern shore. we don't have any showers right now but we aim for a high of 85 degrees with a small chance of a late day thunder shower.
7:57 am
the outlook to start off the weekend with 86 tomorrow and mostly sunny with a small chance of a late shower. our outlook for the weekend, an isolated shower is still coming with a high of 88. let's see what's happening for the weekend. thanks a lot, justin. we look at the outer loop of the west side. traffic is coming allock here. it's starting to jam once you approach the national pike all the way through the bw parkway because disabled construction equipment still blocking the left two lanes on the beltway causing significant slowing on the southeast side down there. also getting word of a crash going to be 695 on the outer loop at southwestern baltimore. also fog warnings still in effect in hartford county, northbound 95 between route 155 and route 272 in the havre de grace area. use caution if you are traveling in those directions there. checking the jfx. a little bift increased volume as you make your way southbound but no problems here.
7:58 am
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"good morning america" continues with our latest test of the newest infomercial products. will a dog stay warm in a snuggy? will your pasta cook fasta in this contraption? we try them out. the iconic image from woodstock, the album cover photo and it might warm your heart to know where that couple is today. how about some concert headliners? we tck them down as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic festival. ♪ smile it's a kiss it's a sip of wine ♪ >> and the soundtrack of summertime. country star kenny chesney performs live right here. ♪ sweet summertime ♪ temperature says 93
8:01 am
♪ down in the swimming hole >> where do you get this kind of energy? >> i'll have what they're having. >> i'll have what two of them are having. >> good morning, america. bill weir along with robin roberts. sam, diane, chris all off this morning. great to be with you on kenny chesney friday. >> are you ready for a little kenny chesney? you can tell that they are. >> so coming up in this half hour, you know those late night infomercials they suck you in. they're hypnotic. before you buy the topsy-turvy tomato grower or snuggy for your dog becky worley takes them on a couple of test drives to she what's what. scott connant is here talking tomatoes and cooking ribs, i don't know. smells good. >> we have enough to go around. we got enough to go around. and also on monday here on "good morning america" we're going to
8:02 am
reveal the new cast on "dancing with the stars." who is it going to be? in a word on the street there was a rumor going around that bill weir because we've seen you dance with them so, i don't know, it was out there. >> my people -- my people are talking to their people. that was years ago. that was when the show first launched. my goodness. video is haunting. >> we do have a way. got two words for you, youtube, baby, youtube. >> yeah, thank you. let's start things off with the weather this half hour. >> let's go back to kate. how about your old -- >> why don't we do that? sorry, kate. >> how quickly you forget. >> i love you. >> just for that i'm posting it on youtube myself. good morning, everyone. we do have news this morning. president obama heads to montana today for another town hall meeting on health care reform but this time there will be protesters. a tougher crowd than the one he faced in new hampshire just a few days ago. special interest groups in washington have reportedly hired
8:03 am
more than 3,000 lobby i haves to fight over health care reform. that amounts to about six lobbyists for each member of congress. at this hour additional fire crews are joining the fight against a massive wildfire south of san francisco. a fire that is out of control and has forced thousands of people to evacuate. our laura marquez joins us from one of the towns threatened, davenport, california. good morning, laura. >> reporter: good morning, kate. firefighters got some good news overnight. the winds died down. the temperatures dropped but the threat is not over. in this seaside village of davenport, which is surrounded by the fire, it was a sleepless night for residents and the firefighters trying to save their homes. the fire cast an eerie glow over santa cruz where more than 2,000 people have had to three their homes. >> we could see flames, and we see it spreading so quickly because the wind was howling. >> you could just look up the road maybe -- it seemed hike a
8:04 am
mile or less, and you could hear the fire raging. >> reporter: california is a continued der box and the summer's dry windy conditions only fuel the flames. this blaze has scorched close to 3,000 acres so far. >> it hasn't burned in this area in over 70 years so everybody got complacent a little bit about santa cruz not being able to burn. well, it's burning and it's burning very well. >> reporter: along with the santa cruz fire, three other blazes are burning in the state. further down the coast, a wildfire in northern santa barbara county has consumed 56 square miles and counting. cal fire's budget is one of the few that wasn't decimated due to the state's economic woes so there are plenty of resources to fight the fire. more crews are expected today. they are hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. kate? >> laura marquez, thank so much. two air traffic controllers have now been suspended in the wake of that midair collision over the hudson river in new york last week. one controller was reportedly on the phone with his girlfriend
8:05 am
during the crash. his supervisor wasn't even in the building. the faa says while the behavior is unacceptable it likely did not factor into the crash. we turn now to the michael jackson investigation. new allegations about what went on inside his home the day he died. meantime, investigators seem to be focused on jackson's physician, dr. conrad murray. our lisa fletcher joins us live with more. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kate. this search warrant tells the story. these documents just obtained by abc news authorized investigators to seize anything at a las vegas pharmacy that connected dr. conrad murray to the powerful drug propofol that is believed to have contributed to jackson's death. the los angeles times now reports that jackson's personal doctor, conrad murray, repeatedly gave him propofol as a sleep aid and told police he felt comfortable leaving jackson alone while he made calls on his cell phone because there had never been a problem before. >> it's unacceptable to use
8:06 am
propofol and not monitor the patient constantly. >> reporter: murray's attorney ed chernoff said he wouldn't dispute the police officer's claims in the "l.a. times" report saying "they were there at the interview and dr. murray did not lie to them but they are not telling the whole story." >> the leaks are out there. you can't just fail to address them. you have to say something more than just they're not telling the whole story. what is the whole story if it's really that clear and simple and favorable to dr. murray, you ought to be saying it. >> reporter: chernoff did say when murray accepted the job as jackson's doctor he was not aware of specific requirements regarding medications or addictions. from the beginning of the investigation, jackson's sister la toya has suspected foul play telling tmz. >> i think it's murder. i think somebody did it. >> reporter: but when we caught her up an organization michael supported for the last decade her only focus was the future. is being here part of the healing process. >> yes, of course, it is. knowing this is something that
8:07 am
michael would have wanted. >> while la toya continues michael's legacy of giving executors of the estate tell abc news they expect to be doing receiving and sales of albums and merchandising will probably by $100 million into the estate by the end of this year and probably $50 million annually for years to come. kate? >> okay, lisa fletcher, thank you. and it's a friday in the summertime, so people are on vacation. we'll lighten the mood. take a look at this snapshot. a couple in canada had a visitor in their vacation photo. that's a squirrel right in front there. i guess they had set the camera up on a rock at banff national park and caught it. paul deanna from our seattle station is in for sam champion. paul? >> good morning, kate. the squirrel is smiling too. it can count one, two, three. are you guys ready? oh, no, there it is.
8:08 am
there it is. whoa, whoa, look out for the squirrel. obviously kenny chesney fan, as well. are you guys kenny chesney fans? let's sing a song for about 5 million folks at home. one, two, three. ♪ on the dashboard young love and an old ford ♪ ♪ cheap shades and a tattoo and a yoo-hoo bottle on the floorboard ♪ >> i think they know the words. lack of rainfall will mean elevated fire danger. lighter winds for fire near santa cruz. a look around the country, dry in the southwest. still a couple of showers and thunderstorms up towards
8:09 am
♪ in an old ford >> can't stop singing? >> they sound good. we can't wait for kenny, as well. all right. we are here to talk about infomercials. you know what we're talking about. late night, you can't sleep. watching these things. they promise miracles. they promise everything. do they really work? our contributor becky worley, you have done this -- back by popular demand. how many types do you review these. >> we're getting serious. we have the power tools. starting with the garden groomer. take a look at the infomercial. >> the ultimate solution, the garden groom. it's lighter. it's easier to use. it's safer.
8:10 am
it's quicker. look at that. and when you're done, the clippings, where did they go? >> in the bin. >> in the bin. that's right. you know, the trimming part is the fast easy fun part. love it. >> she is having a ball. >> love it! >> in the bin. all right. so test it out for us. >> i gave it a "b" minus. good for that edwards scissorhands garden where you want the perfect topiary but when it comes to actually just -- >> there's a little bit of mess. >> there's a little mess and it's not -- you know, it doesn't really work to do this when you have all these stragglers. you have to come down. not that efficient but i like the product. "b" minus. great if you're -- >> strongly suggested we read the statement from garden groom. they say they're pleased that you tried out our pod. only trimmer with a built-in collection for super easy clean up. it's a safe, lightweight easy to use the product. thanks for the review.
8:11 am
>> my pleasure. >> let's move on now. >> the fasta pasta. no doubt you've seen this infomercial. >> the amazing fasta pasta. just place the pasta in the fasta pass have and fill the water level and use cooking guide and it perfectly cooks just the way you like it in minutes. done. >> no problem. >> so easy. >> what's not to love. >> i gave it an "a" minus. when i first tested it i thought is making pasta that much of a hassle but when i tested it at home, 22 minutes to boil the water and do the angel hair pasta. when i do it with fasta pasta, 11 minutes, doing the math, twice as fast. >> double your productivity. >> and the pasta tastes pretty good. it tastes just as good as your normal pasta. thicker pastas like lasagna get gummy but this, "a" minus. >> a lot of tomatoes coming up.
8:12 am
this is the topsy-turvy planter. >> the topsy-turvy. >> let's see. >> if we love the taste of fresh picked tomatoes. >> but don't want the makes and hassles of gardens. >> your prayers have been answered. >> it's turned the world of tomato gardening upside down. >> a new concept called vertical gardening. >> like a little -- ours like they could use a little water. >> these are not representative of the topsy-turvy. hang it in the corner of your patio. great for space efficiency. another pro is i planted some seedlings at the same tile and i have a picture. you can see topsy-turvy is much more vigorous. got twice as many tomatoes but got a weird funky blight on the leaves so it's -- it can be a little bit troublesome. >> we are glad to hear of your early success with the topsy-turvy planter because many
8:13 am
topsy owners are novice gardeners too. we are providing gardening tipping to help guarantee their success. >> shouldn'ting the responsibility off on us. >> once again. >> so finally this is my favorite one, becky. >> yes. >> one of those ideas that comes to you after several shots of jagrmeister. it's snuggy for dogs. take a look. >> so how do you keep your dog warm when you're feeling a chill? now there's snuggie dog designed to fit your dog. just like the snuggie you love it's designed with fleece to keep your dog totally warm out in the chilly air. >> as some have pointed out it has a cultish look. now you can bring your pets into the fun too. >> never before have i given an "a" plus. snuggie for dogs. every man, woman, wild and now dog in america needs a snuggie. >> you love it. all right. >> it's the snuggie for dogs.
8:14 am
i mean, what can i say? >> do dogs love it. >> it's pretty comfortable. he likes it. it's a good jacket. >> may not need to grow fur anymore. you have the snuggie. we have all of these reviews up on right? >> oh, yes, of course. >> good to see you again. we'll be back, right? cooking up a little bit with the chef and listening to kenny chesney. what more do you need? stick around, everybody. two medium cappuccinos, you're ready for the mid-morning rush thanks to a good breakfast. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte. medium macchiato, light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos. make one a double. she's fiber focused! i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate, hold the whip, and two espressos, one with a double shot. gonna take more than coffee to stay this focused. stay full and focused through the morning... with a breakfast of kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal; an excellent source of fiber that helps you avoid... the distraction of mid-morning hunger. no thanks, i'm good. that can take so much out of you. i feel like i have to wind myself up
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40 years ago today 500,000 muddy music fans reveled at woodstock. it left an impact on an entire generation and a legacy of love for at least one couple. ♪ when i was just a little boy ♪ i sat -- >> reporter: it became a concert of epic proportions completely by mistake, but thanks to some of the greatest musicians in the generation. ♪ >> jimi hendrix, credence clearwater revival, for nearly 500,000 young people max yas geor ger's farm seemed like the place to be. >> the local radio was giving
8:19 am
the updates and they said if you are planning on going to woodstock to bethel, new york, don't come. you cannot get near it. the roads are closed. we had to go. >> reporter: bobby and nick, then about 20 years old, had just started dating. they were hardly flower children. bobby was working in a bank but they knew they had to be part of something historic. ♪ listening to you i get the music ♪ ♪ gazing at you i get the need >> my mental historical happening where hundreds of thousands of people came together. ♪ at your feet >> reporter: then after two full days of mud, love and music, they awoke to the sounds of jefferson airplane. ♪ the woman ♪ you know you showed me
8:20 am
things ♪ >> reporter: what do you remember about that day when you were on stage? >> on stage it was 7:00 in the morning so not much. we were supposed to go on at 10:00 the night before but because of the disorganization of the whole situation, we didn't get on until 7:00 in the morning so we were struggling our way up there. >> reporter: and while bobby and nick stood and listened to the music they became unexpected icons themselves. it happened when a photographer named burk uzzle snapped their photograph which became the cover of the woodstock soundtrack. >> in fact, i never told my mother that i had even gone until -- >> nor i. >> until the album came out. >> reporter: now 40 years later married with two grown children, bobby is a school nurse and nick a construction inspector and occasionally return to what they call "hallowed ground." >> that's the first thing i look at is the stage then i look to where we were.
8:21 am
i always look up the hill to the right to where we were planted and i just take it in. >> and close your eyes and remember that sea of heads that all kind of swayed together like whe wheat. that -- that's what i think of sometimes. >> you always become nostalgic. >> always. >> when you reflect on your youth, you always become nostalgic. >> we've been together 40 years. 40 years. that's a long time. >> yeah. >> two-thirds of our life. >> still having fun. >> yeah, we are. >> so great. we should mention the 40th anniversary edition of woodstock the documentary is in stores now and i will be there tomorrow with the mew significants who were there, the fans who were there, richie havens will play for us. i'll see you then but when we come back, kenny chesney live. ♪ on the dashboard what are you doing for lunch?
8:22 am
8:23 am
how about beer-battered shrimp and chips... or one of our coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combinations? eight dishes that fit into your lunch hour... starting at just $6.99. at red lobster.
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8:25 am
typical august stuff here. we've got hazy sun and clouds mixed in. a bit humid 72 in easton. setting up for an okay weekend. we've got partly sunny skies. looks like showers hugging just south of the maryland line through the southern portion of the bay. the threat of showers will increase on the eastern shore while we are actually playing peekaboo with the sunshine. we've developed more clouds and maybe a thunderstorm as we aim for a high temperature of 85 degrees. heading to the beach, better chance of thunderstorms with more clouds firing this afternoon. 83 ocean city. the greater chance will be southbound but still an isolated shower. we climb into the mid and upper 80s. just an isolated afternoon storm for us this weekend. back to the roads, here's kim.
8:26 am
>> reporter: thanks, justin. just getting a crash at moravia road at i-95. things look good here at liberty road. it's going to jam as soon as you approach the route 70 interchange because disabled construction equipment is still blocking the left two lanes causing significant slowing as you make your way down towards 95 and towards the bw parkway. i-95 is jammed in both directions between kateen avenue and 195 because of the blocked construction quill. we have fog warnings in harford county. we'll check the jfx right now at 41st street. things are running nicely. jamie's up next with the morning news update.
8:27 am
welcome back. here's a look at some of the local headlines we're following for enthusiasm morning. michael fellps was d phelps was involved in a car crash last night. his cadillac escalade collided with a honda accord. phelps and two passengers in the suv were not murt but the female was shaken up a little bit and had to go to the hospital. police have ruled out alcohol as a factor in the crash. we have more coming up at 9:00. a murder investigation learned who bound a local businessman with zip ties and as a result he later died. his name is constantine dino
8:28 am
frank. it was in the 1,000 block of south lakewood avenue. police say he got one hand free but suffered a stroke during his strug toll get free. >> the patient revealed money taken during a private safe of his located in an office. now we have no suspects, no people of interest but are getting good intelligence from the family and from employees. >> police do not have any suspects at this hour, but frank also owned pool halls and shopping centers in baltimore county. tonight, a peace rally will be held outside a community activist's homes. miss shirley was watching tv when she was hit by a stray bullet. police had no suspects in the shooting. coming up here on "good morning, maryland" at 9:00, we'll talk about the annapolis market house trying to make another comeback. why this time it's going to
8:29 am
succeed. and the other cooking cities that teaches you the basics. today, how easy it is to make ice cream. we'll see enthusiasm morning at 9:00. now let's go back to "good morning america" in new york.
8:30 am
♪ have another one in mexico ♪ my best place to cuddle ♪ sit right here and have another beer in mexico ♪ ♪ and take these blues away >> all right. kenny. all right. great to see you. >> glad you're here, man. >> kenny chesney, ladies and gentlemen. wow!
8:31 am
woo. he's one of the hardest working men. in hartford last night. boston tomorrow night but he is here today on "good morning america." we love having you around here. >> it's great to be back. it really is. a lot of fun. >> sing a couple of hits for us. >> sure, whatever you want. >> he's around so he's going to sing a couple hits. >> for all of you out all night, got a song for you coming up. also coming up in in half hour, the peak tomato season so scott conant is here cooking up some ribs, as well, for the boys if you are hungry enough for breakfast. get to that. >> they'll take some ribs. like work for food. work for food basically. yep, we've got that coming up. also have paul deanna who is here for sam champion with the weather and don't you -- aren't you bearing gifts from your station back in seattle, komo? >> absolutely, the home of starbucks founded in 1971, beautiful seattle, washington, they don't need it but we're providing a little bit of caffeine to give an extra jolt for the kenny chesney concert
8:32 am
coming up in a matter of minutes and the weather could not be more perfect. here's your forecast for today around the country. gorgeous in new york city with highs in the lower 80s. some thunderstorms for the southeast flooding likely there. san francisco, beautiful. dry in california, elevating the fire danger. for tomorrow, we stay dry in the southwest. phoenix in the triple digits. 96 for dallas. some strong to severe thunderstorms possible for west texas and heavy rain continues for the southeast getting a little toasty in new york but nobody should be complaining. it's sunny and not raining in philadelphia, new york city and boston. seattle, warms up to the mid-70s by sunday. cooler weather moving into the upper midwest and dallas flirting with 100 degrees by sunday afternoon.
8:33 am
>> and that forecast brought to you by febreze and starbucks. back to you. >> it smells so good. you say tomato, i say tomato, tomato, it is that season. scott connant is the man. he is with scarpetta, a restaurant in new york city and, boy, do they know what they are doing. he's also the author of this book right here "bold italian." scott, it is great to have you here. what are you going to make. >> we have some ribs which summertime and we're going to try to implement tomatoes inside of them. that's the goal. what i have is rosemary, crushed red pepper, garlic, olive oil. i mix it all up together and marinate it directly on top of the ribs, so we're going to kind of keep it that way. we throw a little salt on top of it. marinate it for a couple of hours, you know, it's really not that important, so the big thing is that you want to infuse those flavors inside this so that's all.
8:34 am
marinate it like this. a couple hour, put it in the refrigerator. i wrap it up at that point in some aluminum foil and then we throw it right on this grill and what i do, i throw it on the grill but with indirect heat so this fire is actually off, right? >> but in the foil. >> in the foil. >> right. i cook it like that for about two hours. how are you, sir? nice to see you. >> smelled the smoke. couldn't resist. >> keep it closed for two hours inside the foil. in the meantime, while it's cooking i have smoked bacon inside there, a little bit of thyme, shallots, a little more crushed red pepper. cook that up. put some balsamic vinegar. >> can never go wrong with that. >> we put that in and what we'll do is reduce it by half so concentrate all those flavors, cook the garlic and the thyme and crushed red pepper, nice favor and what we do is add chicken stock to it after it's reduced. bring it to a boil again. infuse the flavors a little bit more and then adjust a little
8:35 am
bit of corn starch and create the slurry so it's nice and thick. >> what you need. that's the process. >> nice and thick so what we'll do is brush that sauce directly on those ribs when they're out of the aluminum foil. seeps a little more complicated than it is. >> it's worth it. >> if i can do it, trust me, anybody can do it. >> don't want to put it on too soon because it'll burn. >> the thing is you'll cook it again at a really low temperature like we've done here and you can see how these have that beautiful glaze on top. >> i do. >> see that? brush them nice and slow and really let them -- really let them cook. >> oh, that smell. >> i really appreciate -- you saved me there. thank you. so then what we'll do is we just cut them. you know, like ribs and the best thing is that, you know, when you cook them in the aluminum foil they're not overcooked. there's such a thing as overc k overcooking them. >> especially on a grill like that so that prevents that.
8:36 am
>> i take a little tomato chutney and have the chutney that you'll see on the side. cooked the tomatoes with apricot preserve and mustard seeds and vinegar. recipe online and brush it and glaze it, and it's delicious. >> what do you have here? really well. >> this is just a simple summer pasta. chop up tomatoes, borafa cheese or fresh mozzarella. toss with olive oil and basil and put hot pasta on topthat. no more fire after that. nice summer salad and beautiful heirloom tomatoes. >> still the season. >> until the end of september. it's great. >> it is great. and you are, as well. so did you pass them out, paul? >> our friends here have several of them. >> do you mind if i try before we go? >> please do. >> oh, yeah. >> summertime. >> dinner for breakfast. >> comes right off -- so tender. >> if for any reason i find myself on death row i'm calling
8:37 am
you. this is my last meal. >> i appreciate that. that's good. i'll be there for you. >> paul, thank you very much. again, the book "bold italian." if you want bold my friend. so are the flavors. hope you enjoy it, as well. we'll enjoy kenny chesney when we come back. kenny chesney. where are my manners?
8:38 am
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8:40 am
on the dashboard in an old ford ♪ >> the name of his new album says it all.
8:41 am
"greatest hitsism i." wouldn't all fit on "greatest hits i." a new song, ladies and gentlemen, kenny chesney. >> i hope you guys go out and have some fun tonight, wake up. every single word of this song, all right. ♪ we went out last night like we swore we wouldn't do ♪ ♪ we drank too much beer last night a lot more than we wanted to ♪ ♪ there were girls from argentina and arkansas, alabama and panama ♪ ♪ all mixed together and having a ball yeah we went out last
8:42 am
night ♪ ♪ one thing started leading to another. ♪ getting out and people doing body shots on the bar everybody was some kind of star with we went out last night ♪ ♪ well you know i'm a music man and i grew up in east tennessee ♪ ♪ last night i was everything when i got a few drinks in me ♪ ♪ i was a doctor lawyer senator's son brad pitt's brother and a man on the run sfoet ♪ anything i thought might get the job done ♪ ♪ yeah we went out last night one thing started leading to
8:43 am
another ♪ ♪ out last night hitting on everybody and their mother ♪ ♪ there were people doing body shots up on the bar jimmy in a fist fight out by the car ♪ ♪ everybody was some kind of star when we were out last night ♪ ♪ well the fact that i'm still breathing means that i must have survived ♪ ♪ and that i lived to go out with my friends again tonight ♪ >> oh, yes, i did. ♪ oh we went out last night one thing started leading to another out last night ♪ ♪ everybody started loving on each other they were dancing on the tables ♪ ♪ and howling at the moon pairing off together and pretty soong ♪ ♪ there was not a soul in sight when we went out last night ♪
8:44 am
>> hope you guys have a good time tonight. >> thank you! explain.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
fantastic way to kick off the weekend with this man right here, megastar kenny chesney. but like seven times entertainer of the year. we can't even count all the awards that he has won. got this great album out. "greatest hits ii" and the song you sang "out last night." what people love about you, can relate to your music. i mean, they were just bopping along. and that is something that is very important to you the way you connect with your fan. >> well, it is. i mean, i felt like over the years the way we've built our audience is kind of like a word of mouth ground roots approach. you know, even when before we had songs on the radio in the early days, i'd want to do my show and have somebody leave that show and tell somebody about it and that is kind of how we did this and, you know, it's -- it is how we did this, and i think that the songs that we've recorded, yeah, i think,
8:48 am
really connected with a lot of people and "out last night" is one of them. i wrote that song christmas -- the day after christmas last year and we had a lot of fun writing that. we didn't really realize we were writing it until the next day but it came if a pretty honest place. >> now we know how you celebrate christmas in the chesney -- >> that's right. >> ho, ho, ho. you know, i was reading through all -- the accolades and the one that jumped out at me. mshg new york stock exchange years ago wrote "you are the voice of sheer contentment." are you content these days? >> yeah, i think so. >> are you? >> yeah, i mean -- i'm -- the more i'm on stage the more i'm content. it's -- when i'm in front of the fans that we connect with, with our music, it's a really content place to be when you hear all these people love what you do and the passion that they have for what you do and they let you know you're doing something
8:49 am
right. >> that's why you lace them up. >> right. >> how would country deejay robin roberts introduce this next song. >> coming up we have none other than kenny chesney, "when the sun goes down." kenny chesney. >> the sun just came up in new york city. here we go. ♪ ♪ suntanned toes tickling the sand cold drink chilling in my right hand ♪ ♪ watching you sleep in the evening light resting up for a long, long night ♪
8:50 am
♪ 'cause when the sun goes down we'll be grooving when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ be feeling all right when the sun sinks down over the water ♪ ♪ everything gets hotter when the sun goes down ♪ >> yes, it does. ♪ ♪ all day long just taking it easy laying in a hammock where it's nice and breezy ♪ ♪ i'm sleeping off the night before cause when the sun goes down we'll be back for more ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down we'll be grooving ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down we'll be feeling all right when the sun sinks down ♪ ♪ over the water everything gets hotter when the
8:51 am
sun goes down ♪ ♪ >> all right. ♪ up, up, up. ♪ ♪ this old guitar and my dark sunglasses this sweet concoction is smooth as molasses ♪ ♪ nothing to do but breathe all day until the big moon rises and it's time to play ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down
8:52 am
we'll be grooving ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down we'll be feeling all right ♪ ♪ when the sun sinks down sinks down over the water ♪ ♪ everything gets hotter when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down we'll be grooving ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down we'll be feeling all right ♪ ♪ when the sun sinks down over the water ♪ ♪ everything gets hotter when the sun goes down ♪ >> yeah. ♪ ♪ oh yeah >> thank you, new york. we appreciate it!
8:53 am
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8:55 am
we're standing well away so we can properly bow. so we can properly bow. thanks for keeping me company. >> thanks for having us here. kenny will play us off the air. you can see the whole song at
8:56 am a little anthem for mid-august "summertime." kenny chesney. ♪ ♪ summertime is finally here that old ballpark man is back in gear ♪ you just heard kenny chesney said it. summertime's finally here. a light easterly wind with low
8:57 am
clouds and fog in places near the bay this morning. the sun came out and the cloud's trying to roll back in. we'll play throughout the morning and afternoon. the clouds may win at times. even an isolated thunder shower. feels like the upper 70s to near 80. pushing back to 75 in bowie. feels like near 80 in spots. low clouds and fog dotting around the nation to our north. if you are headed to the beaches, a chance of the storms may fire up aping for the high temperature two degree high of 83. let's get the final check of the roads for the week. here's kim. >> reporter: thanks, justin. here on the outer loop, it has been a mess all morning long. this backup stretches from liberty road all the way through to the bw parkway because of a disabled piece of construction equipment 'hollands ferry road system causing mad headaches around the beltway.
8:58 am
it also has 95 in both directions between 195 and russell streets. take extra precautions as you make your way out of the door this morning. also an earlier crash at 695, that crash has been cleared over to the shoulder. that has traffic sluggish. another crash in glen burnie and columbia still working a crash eastbound route 100 at route 103. "good morning, maryland" is next at 9:00. thanks for choosing abc 2 news. go online for more news now at abc 2 works for you. (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!! i need the baker file stat!! reply!! still making changes. circle back later!! what's with the yelling? oh, our internet slows down during peak hours so sending e-mails
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